Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Rock the Vote !!!!

Civil Conversation Challenge

President or Not

The idea of Rock the Vote is a good idea. For getting individuals who are not interested in politics like myself, get engaged with the government and imperative issues that are currently going on in our society.

Anyone could make an executive decision of their own to choose the candidate of their choice. The information that is presented on the websites are well explained and addresses the concerns that many people have. Specifically the negative ideas that are in the media with Donald Trump. 

The Civil Challenge for teenagers is a safe haven where teenagers could express how they feel on issues that are important to them as well as receiving  feedback from others that may have similar feelings towards the same issue. They do this in a restful manner. I feel that this is a good place for them because they probably can not express how they feel regarding issues of politics and be taken seriously. The site gives examples of recent issues such as gun violence. Although the media does a good job with persuading people how to feel the blogs on this website does the same. 
President or Not

For me this information on the website does not encourage me to vote, as I already voted. On the other hand for others this might encourage them to vote as they read the blogs and the information on   the site and they may feel like the agree or disagree with the candidates and what they are saying they wan to do for our country. 

This could alienate someone to vote because the negative tone about important issues such as immigration could be sensitive to some. The tone and talk about building walls and deporting individuals back to their country is un-American. 
Make sure to do your part......www.votinginformation.com


  1. Good points. I'm sure your kids have asked/discussed some of these concerns and thoughts as well!

  2. Great choice of pictures!I agree with your points about how this could alienate individuals to vote due to sensitive issues. Great job!