Monday, December 5, 2016


Youth Development 

Rhode Island College
YDEV is a program at Rhode Island College that allows you to have a variety of options for your career choice. Some of these options are administrative assistant, working and with youth of all ages , mainly school aged but not limited too those age groups, you could also work with college students as well. The program is required to complete 180 hours of an internship in any organization of your choice. The best part of choosing  your own individualized internship is the option, usually for internships students have no or little input to where they will be place. The internship will enhance your understanding of the work that is being done to assist the young individuals in our communities. Along with the internship requirement you will become competent with current issues that occur in our communities. You will also meet with other organizations such as YOUTH IN ACTION where youth have a voice.

Currently Rhode Island College is the only school in Rhode Island that offers this Youth Development Program. If you love and enjoy working with youth and rather not have the responsibility or burden of teaching in a traditional school setting, YDEV will be a good choice as we teach youth in an informal way which the young people enjoy. We provide safe spaces for young individuals where they could be themselves as well as being leaders and role models within their communities. We are here to empower these young people as they are our future.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Resilience Kids

Resilient Kids Program Videos

The video Evolution high school, students testimonies  were interesting to see. This is because the youth were empowered to change the way they usually behave or interacted with the teachers and or their peers. They were relaxed and engaged in learning in a positive manner. While inspiring others to use the calming techniques they learned.

As a result of this program children are empowered to return to their classroom after recess or breaks and are able to redirect themselves, showing resiliency using learned positive skills to continue with their educational day.

Teachers, students, and a principal attest that this resilience program is beneficial to the students they serve. These techniques are essential to youth as it is a new way of assessing their education and life.

I really like the idea of programs like these as it encourages youth to become leaders in their schools and communities.I can relate these videos to the work we did at the Calcult Middle School in Central Falls. The students there showed resiliency and they also demonstrated leadership in their environment.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Rock the Vote !!!!

Civil Conversation Challenge

President or Not

The idea of Rock the Vote is a good idea. For getting individuals who are not interested in politics like myself, get engaged with the government and imperative issues that are currently going on in our society.

Anyone could make an executive decision of their own to choose the candidate of their choice. The information that is presented on the websites are well explained and addresses the concerns that many people have. Specifically the negative ideas that are in the media with Donald Trump. 

The Civil Challenge for teenagers is a safe haven where teenagers could express how they feel on issues that are important to them as well as receiving  feedback from others that may have similar feelings towards the same issue. They do this in a restful manner. I feel that this is a good place for them because they probably can not express how they feel regarding issues of politics and be taken seriously. The site gives examples of recent issues such as gun violence. Although the media does a good job with persuading people how to feel the blogs on this website does the same. 
President or Not

For me this information on the website does not encourage me to vote, as I already voted. On the other hand for others this might encourage them to vote as they read the blogs and the information on   the site and they may feel like the agree or disagree with the candidates and what they are saying they wan to do for our country. 

This could alienate someone to vote because the negative tone about important issues such as immigration could be sensitive to some. The tone and talk about building walls and deporting individuals back to their country is un-American. 
Make sure to do your

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Nakkula and Toshalis

Identity in Context 

Understanding Youth Adolescent Development for Educators

Context mapping is an approach where one uses their own experiences on a daily basis to 'inform and inspire themselves'. Another view of this is behaving differently in different environments. For example the way I conduct myself in school as a student and home is different from when I am working in an office setting in my professional environment.

Mich asked Julian to "to list the various spaces and relationships he must negotiate each day."'After refusing to do the task, he finally agreed and then was instructed again to list the spaces and the people and his expectations from those spaces and individuals.'

Mich also asked Julian to be attentive to his feelings differentiating between when he felt safe, anxious or uneasy. 

  1. Foreclosed identity- this is closed-mindedness, behaving in a particular manner without any other experience.. set on being one way.
  2. Diffuse identity- this is the individual I call a follower, not committing to ones own identity.
  3. Identity moratorium- they take charge to make a resolution to a problem.
  4. Achieved identity- this individual is in a leader role, collaborating their experiences from past, present and future.. with an understanding of how to conduct themselves from their own experiences.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Christ Temple Church

Youth Service Event

This event took place at Christ Temple Church located at 122 Wadsworth Street Providence Rhode Island.The duration of this youth service was for 3hours from 5:00-8:00pm Saturday October 22, 2016. This was a diverse environment with many youth members, youth pastors from other  churches, individuals from the neighbor and the area. I was impressed that the church was filled to its full capacity on a Saturday evening with so many young people. I found this interesting and I was impressed because these young people could of been else where instead of attending a positive youth service event.

At this event there were other churches that attended such as "Kings Cathedral"....the king's Cathedral  The youth pastor from this church preached at the service. 

"Christ Center of Praise" members from this church performed a song praise christ center of

The purpose of this youth service was to encourage young people to remain focus and to live their lives as leaders within their environment.

The concept of the service was a skit played by two youth leaders along with youth members from the CTC (church). Between each skit there were games played by the audience. Games such as jeopardy... one of the youth leaders read biblical questions and the contestants was to ring the bell to answer to the correct answers; again these games were played by brave young people who volunteered to stand in front of the church. 

Other games that were played was finishing the lyrics to songs and the bible book. The bible book had two contestants who was to stack the books according to the order of the bible. This was a fun and engaging activity as the audience cheered the young people on to stack the books up correctly. 

The theme of the skit was titled I'm on my way to.........
The idea of this was that the two sisters played the roles in three sceenes. Where one sister was to encourage the other from making bad decisions such as partying vs doing the positive right thing.

This idea was to encourage young people to stay on a straight and positive path so they could become leaders in their communities from their positive experiences.

As the evening went on there were worshiping and praising through the entire event. This is where the young people were encouraged to participate in singing and dancing around the church. 

Some words and phrases that resonated with me, that I heard throughout the night were.........
youth is our future
lead with
youth leaders            
young people
believe in your self

This event is related to YIA ...www.youth in and coauthoring Nakkula and Toshails
At the end of the event the members from the different churches gathered together in the dining area of the church for food and refreshments. This is the main idea of the youth services. getting young people together for a positive message and to socialize among other young people like themselves.

The ultimate message I received from this youth service is that "it doesn't matter how far you go away from God, he just wants you to come back to him."

Saturday, October 8, 2016

New Urban Arts

Open house for New Urban Arts
October 7, 2016

New Urban Arts is a free and open to public out -of- school program in Providence that provide space for high school students who correlate with artists mentors from the community. In this environment youth are encouraged  to express themselves through art while gaining the skills of leadership. Here is a link to New Urban Arts website..

This re-opening took place at their location at 705 Westminster Street Providence, RI 02903. This event was 2 hours long. From 5:00-7:00 pm Friday October 7, 2016. The hours was convenient as it was the end of the work week and students would be able to attend this event as there was no school the next day.

New Urban Arts was welcoming as soon as you walked in the door of this re-opening. My daughter, her friend and I felt comfortable as we walked in. Two teenage girls not sure what to expect because they were entering a environment different from their own immediately felt welcomed. At the entrance a staff member greeted all guest that arrived to the event. When we walked in I immediately noticed the interesting art work that was displayed throughout the building. For example, this work of art drawn by one of the youth members over the summer of 2016.
Amazing Work
Their was a Dj set up as you walked into the building to set the mood of the environment. The music was urban genre which was fitting for their guest. There were many people there but it was not overcrowded as they recently renovated the space to accommodate the high volume of guest that occupy the space daily. There was a table in the back with snacks and beverages for the guest.As we walked around admiring the art work I came across this interesting piece 

Downstairs in the basement is the new addition to the New Urban Arts building. In this area they have a music station with a recording sound booth with several different instruments, many individuals were utilizing this area. Another aspect that was interesting in this area was the sewing area. Here is a dress that they made during the summer.

Overall I had the pleasure to have this experience at this re-opening event. This is related to theme of coauthoring as discussed in Nakkula and Toshalis Understanding Youth: As New Urban Arts is an environment where youth and artist mentors "engage in youth leadership, risk taking, collaboration, and self-directed learning". New Urban Arts
To get involved here are a couple of links This is their current wish list Stay connected through Facebook

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Ideology Inventory

Ideology Horoscope

Risk, Resiliency and Prevention

When I took the Ideology Inventory quiz to learn my ideology horoscope, I was not surprised by the results. My results revealed that I best identify with Risk, Resiliency and Prevention. In this regard I agree that teens brain are not developed to its full capacity and they often make mistakes that they regret. Another aspect of this is that prevention is imperative to teens especially within urban communities among youth. As youth workers we have to pose such questions on how to assist these young individuals with the correct decision making for their future.

This is relatable to me  "urban youth lack cultural capital". Environmental factors among many others factors contribute to risks factors for youth. As youth workers we could be that positive role model and example that youth need, to become successful members of society. By doing this we could potentially save lives from the typical youth urban  story if working in such environment. I learned that sharing personal experiences with youth depending on age in a professional setting could also help teens rationalize to perhaps make the right decisions. We can decrease the negative rates of teen pregnancy, gang activity, and drug abuse by providing safe environment for youth in our communities.