Monday, December 5, 2016


Youth Development 

Rhode Island College
YDEV is a program at Rhode Island College that allows you to have a variety of options for your career choice. Some of these options are administrative assistant, working and with youth of all ages , mainly school aged but not limited too those age groups, you could also work with college students as well. The program is required to complete 180 hours of an internship in any organization of your choice. The best part of choosing  your own individualized internship is the option, usually for internships students have no or little input to where they will be place. The internship will enhance your understanding of the work that is being done to assist the young individuals in our communities. Along with the internship requirement you will become competent with current issues that occur in our communities. You will also meet with other organizations such as YOUTH IN ACTION where youth have a voice.

Currently Rhode Island College is the only school in Rhode Island that offers this Youth Development Program. If you love and enjoy working with youth and rather not have the responsibility or burden of teaching in a traditional school setting, YDEV will be a good choice as we teach youth in an informal way which the young people enjoy. We provide safe spaces for young individuals where they could be themselves as well as being leaders and role models within their communities. We are here to empower these young people as they are our future.


  1. Nice post! Informal teaching is definitely as important as formal!

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  3. Marika, I like how you chose to write about how we have a choice of our internship site over how in other majors the students get placed and possibly somewhere they don't feel comfortable.

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