Saturday, October 22, 2016

Christ Temple Church

Youth Service Event

This event took place at Christ Temple Church located at 122 Wadsworth Street Providence Rhode Island.The duration of this youth service was for 3hours from 5:00-8:00pm Saturday October 22, 2016. This was a diverse environment with many youth members, youth pastors from other  churches, individuals from the neighbor and the area. I was impressed that the church was filled to its full capacity on a Saturday evening with so many young people. I found this interesting and I was impressed because these young people could of been else where instead of attending a positive youth service event.

At this event there were other churches that attended such as "Kings Cathedral"....the king's Cathedral  The youth pastor from this church preached at the service. 

"Christ Center of Praise" members from this church performed a song praise christ center of

The purpose of this youth service was to encourage young people to remain focus and to live their lives as leaders within their environment.

The concept of the service was a skit played by two youth leaders along with youth members from the CTC (church). Between each skit there were games played by the audience. Games such as jeopardy... one of the youth leaders read biblical questions and the contestants was to ring the bell to answer to the correct answers; again these games were played by brave young people who volunteered to stand in front of the church. 

Other games that were played was finishing the lyrics to songs and the bible book. The bible book had two contestants who was to stack the books according to the order of the bible. This was a fun and engaging activity as the audience cheered the young people on to stack the books up correctly. 

The theme of the skit was titled I'm on my way to.........
The idea of this was that the two sisters played the roles in three sceenes. Where one sister was to encourage the other from making bad decisions such as partying vs doing the positive right thing.

This idea was to encourage young people to stay on a straight and positive path so they could become leaders in their communities from their positive experiences.

As the evening went on there were worshiping and praising through the entire event. This is where the young people were encouraged to participate in singing and dancing around the church. 

Some words and phrases that resonated with me, that I heard throughout the night were.........
youth is our future
lead with
youth leaders            
young people
believe in your self

This event is related to YIA ...www.youth in and coauthoring Nakkula and Toshails
At the end of the event the members from the different churches gathered together in the dining area of the church for food and refreshments. This is the main idea of the youth services. getting young people together for a positive message and to socialize among other young people like themselves.

The ultimate message I received from this youth service is that "it doesn't matter how far you go away from God, he just wants you to come back to him."

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