Saturday, October 1, 2016

Ideology Inventory

Ideology Horoscope

Risk, Resiliency and Prevention

When I took the Ideology Inventory quiz to learn my ideology horoscope, I was not surprised by the results. My results revealed that I best identify with Risk, Resiliency and Prevention. In this regard I agree that teens brain are not developed to its full capacity and they often make mistakes that they regret. Another aspect of this is that prevention is imperative to teens especially within urban communities among youth. As youth workers we have to pose such questions on how to assist these young individuals with the correct decision making for their future.

This is relatable to me  "urban youth lack cultural capital". Environmental factors among many others factors contribute to risks factors for youth. As youth workers we could be that positive role model and example that youth need, to become successful members of society. By doing this we could potentially save lives from the typical youth urban  story if working in such environment. I learned that sharing personal experiences with youth depending on age in a professional setting could also help teens rationalize to perhaps make the right decisions. We can decrease the negative rates of teen pregnancy, gang activity, and drug abuse by providing safe environment for youth in our communities. 


  1. I enjoyed your post. I think when you can relate your own stories to what we read in class it motivates and inspires you to work to your full potential to allow youth to have their voices heard.

  2. Hi Marika, I like your post! I agree with you about the importance of the work for a Risk, Resiliency and Prevention youth worker. I associate with the most with the Critical Youth Development worker, but I think they are all very important! I like your pictures! Take care, Madelin

  3. Marika i liked your post. I liked that you could relate it to yourself, I think it is good that their are different types of youth workers in the same class so that we can all learn how to get the youth voices heard.